Domain 5 - Policies and Plans

Standard 5.2

Conduct a comprehensive planning process resulting in a Tribal/state/community health improvement plan.

The Tribal, state, or community health improvement plan is a long-term, systematic plan to address issues identified in the Tribal, state, or community health assessment. The purpose of the community health improvement plan is to describe how the health department and the community it serves will work together to improve the health of the population of the jurisdiction that the health department serves. The community, stakeholders, and partners can use a solid community health improvement plan to set priorities, direct the use of resources, and develop and implement projects, programs, and policies.

The plan is more comprehensive than the roles and responsibilities of the health department alone, and the plan's development must include participation of a broad set of community stakeholders and partners. The planning and implementation process is community-driven. The plan reflects the results of a collaborative planning process that includes significant involvement by a variety of community sectors.

The state health department's state health improvement plan addresses the needs of all citizens in the state.

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