Domain 12 - Governance

Standard 12.3

Encourage the governing entity’s engagement in the public health department’s overall obligations and responsibilities.

Public health governing entities exercise a wide range of responsibilities, including policy development, resource stewardship, legal authority, partner engagement, continuous improvement, and oversight. Specific areas of responsibilities may include, strategic planning, adopting and ensuring enforcement of public health regulations, ensuring that the governing body and health department act ethically, serving as a strong link between the health department and the community and other community organizations, supporting a culture of quality improvement, hiring and evaluating the health department director, taxing authority, and budget adoption. These responsibilities demand that the governing entity is well-versed in public health and in the work of the health department and the health challenges of the community. The governing entity and the health department should communicate regularly on the health of the community, strategic plan implementation, program activities, health department policy issues, public health ethical issues, and quality improvement activities.


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