Evidence-Based Public Health

Evidence-Based Public Health

Using Evidence to Develop State Health Policy in Obesity

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Elissa Bassler, MFA; December 2, 2011

Elissa Bassler is the CEO of Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI). Ms. Bassler has been an integral part of IPHI led efforts to pass groundbreaking legislation requiring that Illinois develop a State Health Improvement Plan (SHIP) every four years, and subsequently, IPHI facilitated the process to develop Illinois’ first SHIP. Most recently IPHI launched the Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity, a state-level coalition of more than 100 groups advocating for implementation of its State Obesity Action Roadmap addressing policy, systems and environmental changes to reduce obesity. Ms. Bassler was a member of the 2011 Illinois Community Guide State Team which implemented Enhanced School-Based Physical Education to address childhood obesity in Illinois.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe Illinois’ path to develop a strategic plan and engage stakeholders to work with communities to implement Enhanced School-Based Physical Education
  • Discuss response and challenges to the development of the strategic plan to implement the Community Guide recommendation