Funding Formula Analysis Worksheet and Tutorial

  • ASTHO is pleased to present this new analytical tool for public health practitioners, researchers and policy makers.

    The funding formula analysis worksheet (see "Downloads" below) can assist in the allocation of public health funds, helping users move money to where it does the most good.

    After the user provides a few bits of information, the tool measures the potential impact of various formula adjustments, assessing the financial, equity and political implications of funding formula changes.

  • Video Tutorial

  • Downloads

  • Funding Formula Analysis Worksheet (ZIP file)
    Zipped version of the worksheet (approx. 16 MB)

  • Funding Formula Analysis Worksheet
    Non-zipped Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (appox. 17 MB)

  • Contact

    If you have any questions about the tool, or would like to be notified about upcoming improvements to it, please contact Patrick M. Bernet, PhD, at