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Built and Synthetic Environment

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Chemical Exposures: State Ideas for Safeguarding Health
Perspectives from state health and environmental staff on the National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposures.

Wisconsin Health Impact Assessment Initiative
Chuck Warzecha, SEHD from Wisconsin, presented on WI's health impact assessment initiative, which was supported by an ASTHO grant.

Building Capacity for Health Impact Assessments in Oregon
Gail Shibley, SEHD from Oregon, presented on health impact assessment activities in Oregon, which have been supported by ASTHO grants.

HIA Capacity Building Grants
Brief fact sheet of state HIA Capacity Building Grants

Healthy Housing
Healthy housing resources

National Conversation on Chemical Exposures and Public Health
Resources for the national conversation on chemical exposures and public health.

Health Impact Assessments
Summary of HIA capacity building grants and external resources on HIAs.

Built and Synthetic Environment
Home of ASTHO's Built and Synthetic Environment program

ASTHO Smart Growth Initiative Update
Clifford Mitchell, SEHD from Maryland, provided a brief background on ASTHO's Smart Growth Activities and a summary of the Smart Growth Roundtable meeting held in May 2005.

Improving State Capacity to Perform Health Impact Assessments
Linda Bruemmer, SEHD from Minnesota, provided a summary of the health impact assessment capacity building activities in Minnesota, which have been supported by grants from ASTHO and CDC.