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Retail Clinics Fact Sheet
Acknowledging the potential role retail clinics may play in the safety net, this fact sheet summarizes basic information on retail clinics and examines the role state health agencies can play in regulatingmore »

New Access-to-Care Tools for States
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Safety Net Fact Sheets
Resources covering the various aspects of the healthcare safety net in the United States.

Public Health Preparedness and Primary Care
Partnerships between community health centers and emergency preparedness professionals.

Collaborating with Community Health Centers for Preparedness
Provides recommendations and examples of collaboration between community health centers and emergency preparedness entities.

Developing Partnerships with Community Health Centers for Emergency Preparedness Planning
Highlights the value of developing effective partnerships between state health agencies and community health centers in preparedness planning.

Response to HRSA Proposed Rule on Medically Underserved Populations and Areas
Comments from ASTHO members in response to a proposed HRSA rule that alters the designation methodology of medically underserved areas and populations.

Comments on Negotiated Rulemaking Committee
Comments on the formation of the Negotiated Rulemaking Committee for designations regarding underserviced populations.

The Basics of State Primary Care Workforce Issues
Provides background information on the health care safety net, primary care workforce shortages and federal and state programs designed to address workforce shortages.Webinar

Health Reform and Workforce Shortages
Examines federal health reform proposals, background on the primary care workforce shortage and an example from Colorado that addressed both the public health and primary care workforce shortage.Webinar

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