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The combined stressors associated with aging and poverty may be creating one of the most vulnerable populations in the United States.Read More »

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Almost 47 Million People Around the World Have Dementia, Costing More than $818 Billion

August 27, 2015|12:51 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

A new Alzheimer’s Disease International report found that globally 46.8 million people have dementia, creating an annual cost of $818 billion that will rise to a trillion dollars in the next three years. Read More »

Study: Teens Were More Likely to Smoke Tobacco After Using E-Cigarettes

August 20, 2015|10:40 a.m.| ASTHO Staff

A recent observational study of 2,500 ninth graders found that students who had previously used e-cigarettes were more likely to try smoking for the first time in the coming year. Read More »

Illinois Department of Public Health Awarded Accreditation

August 19, 2015|9:13 a.m.| Lia Katz

The Illinois Department of Public Health joins California, Florida, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia as the ninth ASTHO member agency to achieve accreditation. Read More »

Nebraska Safe Driving Campaign Aims at Parents of Teen Drivers

August 13, 2015|11:29 a.m.| ASTHO Staff

With its “Driving the Right Message” campaign, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services wants to educate parents about the important role they play in keeping their teen safe at the wheel. Read More »

CDC: Most U.S. Middle and High Schools Start Earlier Than Recommended

August 11, 2015|3:48 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

According to a recent study, most U.S. middle and high school students begin classes earlier than current nationwide recommendations. Read More »

States Highlight Importance of Breastfeeding During World Breastfeeding Week

August 07, 2015|4:12 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, Aug. 1-7, health departments across the nation are raising awareness about breastfeeding and have developed policies that promote breastfeeding-friendly work environments. Read More »

Tool Uses Twitter to Measure State-By-State Trends in Exercise and Calorie Consumption

August 06, 2015|10:43 a.m.| ASTHO Staff

A new tool uses individuals’ public tweets to measure trends in calorie consumption and expenditure across state lines. Read More »

New Jersey Department of Health Study: Superstorm Sandy Continues to Negatively Impact Residents’ Mental Health

July 30, 2015|10:52 a.m.| ASTHO Staff

A recent study explored how New Jersey residents have fared in the wake of the 2012 Superstorm Sandy natural disaster. Read More »

The Potentially Poisonous Problem of Fishing for Dinner

July 29, 2015|12:54 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

In just about any urban or suburban setting where there is a natural water source, it is common to see anglers casting lines into the water. Unfortunately, most water sources near urban areas can yield fish that are high in toxins, including mercury. Read More »

Missouri Expands Newborn Screening Network with Sunday Pickup and Eight New Sites

July 23, 2015|11:08 a.m.| ASTHO Staff

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services is strengthening its newborn screening program. Read More »

Poverty Hurts Kids’ Brain Development and Grades, Study of MRI Scans Shows

July 21, 2015|2:49 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

A recent study has found that children who live below the poverty line have 7 percent to 10 percent less gray matter volume than normal in their frontal and temporal lobes—parts of the brain that are responsible for learning functions. Read More »

Food Companies, Executives Risk Prosecution for Outbreaks, Justice Department Warns

July 15, 2015|2:57 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

The federal government is sending a strong signal that negligence by food companies leading to unsafe foods sold in the marketplace is unacceptable. Read More »

How Iowa Stomped Out Ebola Rumors on Social Media

July 14, 2015|1:08 p.m.| Virgie Townsend

On the evening of Oct. 20, a rumor began spreading on Twitter that a man in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, had tested positive for Ebola. It wasn’t true. Read More »

District of Columbia Fights Hypertension by Targeting Deeply Affected Parts of City

July 13, 2015|9:36 a.m.| ASTHO Staff

Through the ASTHO Million Hearts State Learning Collaborative, the District of Columbia is working to improve hypertension management among its highest-risk population: African American residents ages 18 and older living in Wards 5 and 7. Read More »

Heroin Use in the United States On the Rise

July 08, 2015|6:57 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

Heroin use in the United States rose 63 percent between 2002 and 2013, and over that same time period, heroin-related overdose deaths nearly quadrupled. Read More »

Report: Opportunistic Infections Still Kill Many Individuals with HIV-AIDS

July 02, 2015|1:56 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

A new study reviews 30 years of HIV/AIDS treatment, revealing progress and future challenges. Read More »

New Mexico Implements Efforts to Improve Mental Illness

July 02, 2015|11:58 a.m.| Jane Esworthy

Of New Mexico’s more than 2 million residents, close to 72,000 adults live with serious mental illness and approximately 22,000 children live with serious mental health conditions. Read More »

'Health in All Policies' Showcases Public Health’s Applicability Across Sectors

June 29, 2015|10:01 a.m.| Kristen Lewandowski

This is the first in a two-part series on how states are employing the concept of Health in All Policies to improve public health. Read More »

California Takes Step to Remove Personal and Religious Vaccine Exemptions

June 26, 2015|11:04 a.m.| ASTHO Staff

The recent measles outbreak touched off a pointed debate about the antivaccination movement, leading the California legislature to close vaccination exemptions. Read More »

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