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As Zika news grips the U.S. public, state health agencies have been preparing for weeks.Read More »

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CDC Releases 2016 National Snapshot of Public Health Preparedness

February 08, 2016|11:33 a.m.| ASTHO Staff

CDC strategically invests in public health preparedness in an effort to improve federal, state, and local public health agencies’ ability to prepare for and respond to all types of public health threats. Read More »

Why Blood Alcohol Concentration Testing and Reporting Is So Important

January 28, 2016|4:51 p.m.| Jane Esworthy

BAC testing and reporting has become very important in helping states, NHTSA, and safety partners understand the underlying factors of fatalities related to alcohol-impaired driving crashes and design solutions on local, state, and federal levels. Read More »

Bringing the Tools of Behavioral Health into Primary Care Practice

January 22, 2016|4:57 p.m.| John Skendall

Some health problems are only skin deep. Some go much deeper. That is why the skills and tools that the field of behavioral health brings are so important. And why they can, and some say should, be under the same roof—even in the same room—as primary care practice. Read More »

Federal Agencies Prepare Media Campaigns to Decrease Tobacco Use

January 21, 2016|10:50 a.m.| Scott Briscoe

CDC prepares to launch the 2016 version of it's effective Tips from Former Smokers campaign, and FDA plans to offer media targeting retailers as partners to reduce youth tobacco use. Read More »

New Tool Fosters Partnerships Between Health and Education

January 19, 2016|1:53 p.m.| Scott Briscoe

The U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services last week announced a renewed partnership stressing the link between health and education. They also unveiled a toolkit offering ways the two sectors can work together. Read More »

American College of Nurse Midwives and ASTHO Collaborate to Improve Health

January 12, 2016|10:54 a.m.| Eileen Beard and Carol Hayes

ACNM has been working with ASTHO and other health professional organizations to improve immunizations rates in vulnerable populations, including racial/ethnic groups and pregnant women. Read More »

HHS and USDA Release New Dietary Guidelines for Americans

January 08, 2016|11:12 a.m.| Jane Esworthy

The guidelines recognize the importance of focusing on healthy eating patterns and recommend limiting added sugars, sodium, and saturated and trans fats in diets. Read More »

Increasing State Health Agency Capacity to Improve 17P Utilization

December 28, 2015|10:44 a.m.| Claire Rudolph

Women who have experienced a preterm birth are eligible for a progesterone medication called 17-alpha hydroxyprogesterone caproate, or 17P, which has been shown to prevent the recurrence of preterm birth by 33 percent. Read More »

Study: Safe Sleep One of Several Elements in SIDS Prevention

December 18, 2015|5:04 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

A recent study concludes that other factors in addition to safe infant sleep practices have contributed to the decline in infant deaths since 1990. Read More »

How Public Health Fared in the 2016 Federal Budget

December 18, 2015|3:25 p.m.| Chris Gould

On Dec. 16, the text of the FY16 omnibus appropriations package was released. In the bill the CDC sees an increase of $300 million above the FY15 program level and $892.3 million was allocated for the Prevention and Public Health Fund. Read More »

Time to Get to Work(force): Practical Steps to Building a Stronger, More Sustainable Public Health Workforce

December 14, 2015|3:13 p.m.| Edward L. Hunter

A call to action to begin to develop tomorrow's public health workforce today from the de Beaumont Foundation president. Read More »

Key Leaders Discuss Primary Care and Public Health Integration at APHA

December 07, 2015|4:07 p.m.| Courtney Bartlett

Several national leaders in public health and primary care presented a special session at APHA's annual meeting this October on the topic of integrating prevention in public health and primary care. ASTHO's director of primary care Courtney Bartlett recounts the important takeaways of their conversation. Read More »

The ASTHO Take: A Week in Public Health News

December 04, 2015|3:03 p.m.| Virgie Townsend

On Wednesday, two assailants killed 14 people and injured 21 more at a holiday party for the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health. Many of the victims were public health workers. ASTHO joins the public health community in mourning their loss. Read More »

The ASTHO Take: A Week in Public Health News (November 20)

November 20, 2015|3:04 p.m.| Virgie Townsend

Three state agencies earn accreditation, misconceptions about antibiotics fuel AMR, genetically engineered food approved by FDA for first time. Read More »

U.S. Rates of STDs Increase

November 19, 2015|9:38 a.m.| Scott Briscoe

The CDC released its annual report on STD rates in the nation, which highlights which segments of the population are leading a trend that is headed in the wrong direction. Read More »

The ASTHO Take: A Week in Public Health News (November 13)

November 13, 2015|5:19 p.m.| Virgie Townsend

New data on blood pressure target, more women choosing long-acting reversible contraception, smoking bans proposed for public housing. Read More »

State and Federal Partners Work to Prevent, Contain Increased Multistate Foodborne Outbreaks

November 13, 2015|3:35 p.m.| Kristen Lewandowski

Foodborne outbreaks that spread across state lines have increased over the past twenty years, but so have tools to track bacteria and trace disease. Read More »

The State Public Health Workforce: Loving and Leaving Public Health

November 10, 2015|1:05 p.m.| Rivka Liss-Levinson

To most effectively provide their vast array of services and activities, state health agencies need a talented, skilled, diverse, and properly trained workforce. Read More »

March of Dimes Announces Premature Birth Report Card Findings

November 09, 2015|2:35 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

The United States’ 2014 preterm birth rate was 9.6 percent, down from 11.4 percent the previous year. Read More »

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