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In his presentation at ASTHO’s 2015 Annual Meeting, Former Utah Gov. and Former HHS Secretary Michael Leavitt shared insights on how his experiences transforming Salt Lake City for the 2002 Winter Olympics can translate as a way to help create the conditions for changing the culture of public health.Read More »

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The ASTHO Take: A Week in Public Health News

October 02, 2015|1:03 p.m.| Virgie Townsend

ASTHO annual meeting highlights, Hurricane Joaquin preparedness, and drug-impaired driving. Read More »

2016 ASTHO President’s Challenge Announced: “Advancing Health Equity and Optimal Health for All”

October 01, 2015|6:47 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

New ASTHO President Ed Ehlinger wants states to go back to their roots, change how they do public health work, and change their public health practices in order to assure the conditions in which all people can be healthy. Read More »

State, Territorial, and Tribal Health Officials Discuss Health Equity, Trauma at ASTHO's Annual Meeting

October 01, 2015|1:50 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

Tribal and territorial health agencies are charged with the special task of working with residents dealing with both long-lasting and current manifestations of trauma. Read More »

Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Talks Healthy Aging

October 01, 2015|11:08 a.m.| ASTHO Staff

In her address during the Healthy Aging session at the 2015 ASTHO Annual Meeting, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Director Ursula E. Bauer, PhD, MPH, said improving the health of older Americans spans all four NCCDPHP domains. Read More »

HHS’ Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT Releases Five-Year Strategic Plan

September 25, 2015|6:23 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

The health IT plan aims to help the United States evolve with changing technological standards and reach important health milestones. Read More »

The ASTHO Take: A Week in Public Health News (Sept. 25)

September 25, 2015|4:52 p.m.| Virgie Townsend

Walkable neighborhoods, UN Ebola response, and pharmaceutical price hike. Read More »

U.S. Surgeon General Announces Plan to Promote Walkable Communities

September 22, 2015|5:03 p.m.| Jane Esworthy

To address the major public health challenges that exist due to physical inactivity, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy released a call to action earlier this month urging individuals of all ages to make walking a priority in their lives and discussing the health benefits of walking. Read More »

The ASTHO Take: A Week in Public Health News (Sept. 18)

September 18, 2015|3:19 p.m.| Virgie Townsend

Must-read news for leaders in public health. Read More »

New York City Requires Chain Restaurants to Include Sodium Level Warnings on Menus

September 15, 2015|1:31 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

The New York City Board of Health has passed a rule that will require chain restaurants in the city with 15 or more establishments nationwide to include a salt shaker icon with menu items containing more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium. Read More »

Recent Legionnaires’ Outbreaks not Uncommon; States Work to Protect Public

September 10, 2015|11:59 a.m.| Scott Briscoe

Recent spate of outbreaks are not unusual in late summer. New York, Florida, and Nevada among many states doing extensive work to safeguard the public. Read More »

Louisiana Expands Access to 17P Progesterone Injections for At Risk Pregnant Women

September 04, 2015|12:14 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

Louisiana merged its vital records with Medicaid data and created a Medicaid pay-for-performance measure to encourage plans to increase the number of women who are able to access 17P. Read More »

Almost 47 Million People Around the World Have Dementia, Costing More than $818 Billion

August 27, 2015|12:51 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

A new Alzheimer’s Disease International report found that globally 46.8 million people have dementia, creating an annual cost of $818 billion that will rise to a trillion dollars in the next three years. Read More »

Older Adults in Poverty Face Compounded Health Inequities

August 25, 2015|12:55 p.m.| Shaina Wedmedyk

The combined stressors associated with aging and poverty may be creating one of the most vulnerable populations in the United States. Read More »

Study: Teens Were More Likely to Smoke Tobacco After Using E-Cigarettes

August 20, 2015|10:40 a.m.| ASTHO Staff

A recent observational study of 2,500 ninth graders found that students who had previously used e-cigarettes were more likely to try smoking for the first time in the coming year. Read More »

Illinois Department of Public Health Awarded Accreditation

August 19, 2015|9:13 a.m.| Lia Katz

The Illinois Department of Public Health joins California, Florida, Minnesota, New York, Oklahoma, Vermont, Washington, and the District of Columbia as the ninth ASTHO member agency to achieve accreditation. Read More »

Nebraska Safe Driving Campaign Aims at Parents of Teen Drivers

August 13, 2015|11:29 a.m.| ASTHO Staff

With its “Driving the Right Message” campaign, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services wants to educate parents about the important role they play in keeping their teen safe at the wheel. Read More »

CDC: Most U.S. Middle and High Schools Start Earlier Than Recommended

August 11, 2015|3:48 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

According to a recent study, most U.S. middle and high school students begin classes earlier than current nationwide recommendations. Read More »

States Highlight Importance of Breastfeeding During World Breastfeeding Week

August 07, 2015|4:12 p.m.| ASTHO Staff

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, Aug. 1-7, health departments across the nation are raising awareness about breastfeeding and have developed policies that promote breastfeeding-friendly work environments. Read More »

Tool Uses Twitter to Measure State-By-State Trends in Exercise and Calorie Consumption

August 06, 2015|10:43 a.m.| ASTHO Staff

A new tool uses individuals’ public tweets to measure trends in calorie consumption and expenditure across state lines. Read More »

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