Accreditation and Performance


ASTHO supports state and territorial health agencies who seek voluntary national accreditation from the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB). ASTHO is committed to ensuring that its members have the technical support needed to become accredited and continuously improve the performance of their health agencies.

Public health department accreditation is defined as the development of a set of standards, a process to measure health department performance against those standards, and reward or recognition for those health departments who meet the standards.

Organizing and Preparing for Accreditation

Each applicant must also complete three agency-wide processes before applying for national accreditation: a State Health Assessment, a State Health Improvement Plan and an Agency Strategic Plan.

All state and territorial health agencies who apply for accreditation will be evaluated based on documentation that conforms to the PHAB Standards and Measures. Health Departments who applied prior to June 2, 2014 will be evaluated based on the PHAB Standards and Measures Version 1.0 while all health departments that submit their applications from June 3, 2014 forward will be reviewed under the revised Standards and Measures Version 1.5. ASTHO has developed an online Resource Kit to help states and territories preparing for Accreditation.

ASTHO is collecting some sample documents for various domains, standards, and measures that other states are using in their accreditation process. To submit your state's documentation for this repository, please forward your documentation and a completed Submission Form to for internal review and posting.

ASTHO has developed organizational materials and webinars to assist state health agency staff collect and organize documentation and prepare for the accreditation process.

Technical Assistance

ASTHO provides comprehensive technical assistance (TA) to states and territories on the accreditation process, including (but not limited to):

  • Accreditation Readiness Workshops
  • Documentation Review
  • Pre-Requisite Development and Analysis
  • Health Assessment and Improvement Planning
  • Accreditation Road-mapping
  • Agency and Leadership Engagement
  • Accreditation Coordinator Peer Network

Accreditation Coordinators Learning Community

Connecting with colleagues and sharing best practices is an important component to advancing state capacity to successfully apply for PHAB accreditation. ASTHO has created an Accreditation Coordinator Learning Community, which serves as a peer network of state health agency accreditation coordinators who want to enhance their knowledge of the PHAB Accreditation process and exchange accreditation related resources.

Visit and join our Online Community

For more information please contact Donna Marshall.

Please note that while ASTHO provides resources and technical assistance, the final decisions about any particular documentation or accreditation status reside with PHAB. ASTHO recommends these tools be used in conjunction with PHAB's tools and resources, and always consult the Standards and Measures before submitting any documentation.