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About the Survey

The Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey (PH WINS) provides an assessment of workforce knowledge, skills, and attitudes related to the top challenges that will face the workforce as a whole over the next 3-5 years. PH WINS also collected worker perspectives on key issues such as quality improvement, health impact assessments, and electronic health records. In addition, the survey will captured aspects of the workplace environment that are critical to the development of the workforce, such as morale, culture of learning, and worker empowerment, as well as demographic characteristics of individual workers.

Health agencies are now using these results to identify areas for improvement in the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the workers and enhance workplace environment. The study aims to help funders to effectively target workforce development in high impact areas. National leaders promoting initiatives such as quality improvement, health impact assessments, and electronic health records will have a better understanding of worker attitudes toward these developments and will be able to adjust their communication accordingly.

ASTHO and de Beaumont are committed to sharing the survey results with the broader public health community and those committed to educating the workforce (e.g., public health programs and schools). The ultimate aim is to use the survey findings to inform future workforce development efforts that are reflective of the identified interests and needs.

We are currently sharing the survey results with entities and individuals who have been engaged in this effort, are invested in workforce development issues, or those interested in contributing to a national dialogue on opportunities for promoting and strengthening our public health workforce.

We welcome you to view our recent presentations on the findings and access the PH WINS data.


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