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First fielded in 2014, the Public Health Workforce Interests and Needs Survey is the only nationally representative data source of the governmental public health workforce. PH WINS is a national level survey of state and local public health agency workers that captures their perspectives on key issues such as workforce engagement and morale, training needs, worker empowerment, emerging concepts in public health, as well as collects data about the demographics of the workforce. PH WINS is a partnership between the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials and the de Beaumont Foundation.

The goals of PH WINS are to:

  • Influence future investments in public health workforce development
  • Identify trends in workforce attitudes, morale, and climate
  • Build the evidence base of cross-cutting training needs and skill gaps across the workforce

PH WINS provides information critical to understanding and improving the workforce that delivers public health services nationally, as well as actionable data for participating health agencies to address cross-cutting training needs and skill gaps. Findings from PH WINS 2014 have been used by participating health agencies to better understand and address workforce development, as well as federal and foundation partners to help inform future investments in public health workforce development.

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