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  • Tobacco Companies to Begin Publishing Corrective Statements

    On Nov. 26, the first court-ordered corrective statements by the tobacco industry will appear in newspapers and on network television. The statements, originally ordered by a federal court in 2006 but subjected to years of litigation delays, will contain information about the harms of smoking and secondhand smoke, nicotine addiction, light cigarettes, and the industry’s manipulation of nicotine delivery.

  • ASTHO Thanks the Public Health Community!

    Today, ASTHO joins Research!America in celebrating Public Health Thank You Day—an opportunity to thank all of the dedicated public health professionals for their tireless work and service in helping to protect and improve the health of all people and communities. To show their gratitude for the public health workforce, members of ASTHO’s board of directors shared a few personal messages, each detailing what they are most thankful for as public health leaders. .

  • Opioid-related Overdoses as a Reportable Condition

    While data shows a dramatic rise in the opioid-related overdose death rate, the rate of nonfatal opioid overdoses remains a mystery. Accurate and timely information about nonfatal opioid-related overdoses can be used to identify areas where health agencies can increase intervention measures. It can also be used by community outreach organizations to provide additional resources. .