2017 Presidents Challenge


Public Health Approaches to Preventing Substance Misuse and Addictions

Substance misuse and addictions to alcohol, prescription drugs, and illicit substances are long-standing but growing problems in the United States.


ASTHO’s President’s Challenge is an effort to unite and rally state health officials, affiliates, and other cross-sector partners to take action on a critical and urgent public health issue within states and communities. With an emphasis on prevention and early intervention, the 2017 President’s Challenge, issued by ASTHO President Jay Butler, MD, CPE, centers around public health approaches to preventing substance misuse, addictions, and the related consequences. Learn more »

Substance Misuse and Addictions Prevention Framework

Addictions are chronic conditions involving brain function, and substance misuse is often deeply rooted in early life events and social factors. The public health community must raise awareness, improve education, and drive meaningful conversations around these connections to truly make an impact and implement effective, science-based responses.

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2017 President's Challenge

Key strategies to prevent substance misuse and addictions:

Reduce stigma and change social norms Increase protective factors and reduce risk factors in communities Strengthen multi-sectoral collaboration Improve prevention infrastructure Optimize the use of cross-sector data for decisionmaking