Sequestration In the News

Sequestration In the News

NPR. "For Native Americans, Mental Health Budget Cuts Hit Hard." Accessed on 9-13-13.

Government Executive. "Flu Shots Fall Victim to the Sequester." Accessed on 9-13-13.

MedPage Today. "Funding Cuts Hurt Disaster Readiness." Accessed on 8-19-13.

Public Health Newswire. "Saving public health during sequestration." Accessed on 6-3-13

The Columbus Dispatch. "Federal cuts to Ohio’s public-health programs add up to $8.5 million." Accessed on 5-29-13.

Climate Science Watch. "Federal budget sequestration begins to undercut extreme event preparedness." Accessed on 5-20-13

Reuters. "Budget cuts hit healthcare from flu watch to hospitals." Accessed on 5-9-13.

4-traders. "Sequestration cuts $200M from state & local health budgets." Accessed on 5-9-13.

ABC News. "Drills That Readied Boston Hospitals, EMS for Bombings Face Funding Cuts." Accessed on 4-26-13.

National Law Review. "CMS Issues Memorandum Detailing Effects of Sequestration on Survey & Certification." Accessed on 4-17-13.

NPR. "Sequester Scorecard: A Month Later, Effects Still Up In Air." Accessed on 4-8-13.

The Washington Post. "Cancer clinics are turning away thousands of Medicare patients. Blame the sequester." Accessed on 4-4-13.

Association of Public Health Laboratories. "The End of Sequestration: Not as Great as it Sounds." Accessed on 4-3-13.

Georgia Health News. "Health agencies await sequestration." Accessed on 3-20-13.

Food Safety News. "All Federal Meat Inspectors To Be Furloughed on 11 Scheduled Days." Accessed on 3-14-13.

NewsOK. "Sequestration: Oklahoma Health Department anticipates losses." Accessed on 3-14-13.

The Baltimore Sun. "Sequestration will hit health care in Maryland." Accessed on 3-1-13.

MSNBC. "Sequestration will be hazardous to our health." Accessed on 3-1-13.

Los Angeles Times. "'Sequester' cuts to hit healthcare hard." Accessed on 3-1-13.

POLITICO. "Cuts could harm health emergency preparedness." Accessed on 2-26-13.

Fresh Loaf. "Sequestration in Georgia: Defense, education, and public health would get walloped." Accessed on 2-26-13.

California Healthline. "Sequester Cuts Would Affect Health Care, Other Programs in California." Accessed on 2-26.13. "Sequester makes cuts across the board; Public health hit hard." Accessed on 2-26.13.

Cherry Hill Patch. "Sequestration Could Bring Big Cuts to NJ Education, Environmental Protection, Health Care." Accessed on 2-26.13.

Health News Florida. "Who Loses in 'Sequestration'?" Accessed on 2-26.13.

Kaiser Health News. "Pressure Rising To Avoid Federal Spending Cuts That Will Impact Health Programs." Accessed on 2-21-13. "Op-Ed: Veronica Kay Freeman - Sequestration victims: newborns and mothers." Accessed on 2-21-13. "Sequestration in Oklahoma: Jobs, public health programs at stake at state Health Department." Accessed on 2-13-13.

Food Safety News. "As Fiscal Cliff Approaches, Advocates Worry About Food Safety." Accessed on 12-20-12.

D Magazine. "Fiscal Cliff Could Cost Texas’ Health and Human Services System $142 Million, Affect 327K Clients." Accessed on 12-11-12. "Fiscal cliff: Minnesota health programs could see $37 million in cuts." Accessed on 12-11-12.

Kansas City Star. "Fiscal cliff cuts would impact Georgia health, education and defense industry." Accessed on 12-11-12.

Reuters. "Medicare emerging as prime target in U.S. "fiscal cliff" talks." Accessed on 12-6-12.

Politico. “Americans depend on a strong CDC.” Accessed on 12-4-12.

CNN. “10 ways falling off the fiscal cliff could hurt your health.” Accessed on 12-4-12.

Denver Post. “Fiscal cliff: How Colorado health care will be affected.” Accessed on 12-4-12.

Philadelphia Gay News. “‘Sequestration’ of federal dollars threatens local HIV services.” Accessed on 12-4-12.

California Healthline. “Obama's Sequestration Plan Includes Medicare Cuts; GOP Rejects Plan.” Accessed on 12-4-12.

Politico. “Providers: Doctors face 'worse' fiscal cliff.” Accessed on 12-4-12.

CNN. “Medicare patients at risk without doctors' fiscal cliff fix.” Accessed 12-4-12.

Huffington Post. “Fiscal Cliff Spending Cuts Threaten Rivers and Clean Water.” Accessed on 12-4-12.

Forbes. "Prevention Fund Helps Rural California County Fight Cancer, Promote Health." Accessed on 11-29-12.

The Oregonian. "State budget, federal sequestration highlighted as concerns for Washington health agencies." Accessed on 11-28-12.

The Huffington Post. “The Fiscal Cliff and Health: A Scary Combination.” Accessed on 11-26-12.

Infection Control Today. “Sequestration Could Cripple U.S. Public Health.” Accessed on 11-26-12.


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