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Resources from States and Territorial Health Departments: Dengue

Resources from States and Territorial Health Departments: Dengue

Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases

vector-borne and zoonotic diseases

Chikungunya Info Page

Chikungunya Virus: Information for States and Territories Chikungunya fever is an acute illness associated with severe joint pain and fever. The disease is caused by Chikungunya virus (CHIKV), an arthropod-borne virus that is transmitted to humans primarily via the bite of an infected mosquito. Since the re-emerge

State Health Agencies Prep for Zika

As Zika news grips the U.S. public, federal and state health agencies have been preparing for weeks.

Zika Resources: National Sources

Zika National Resources and Information

Public Health Heroes - Vermont

Vermont Jeff Heath Public Health Nurse Vermont Department of Health, Middlebury District Office Jeff Heath is a longtime public health nurse for the Vermont Department of Health’s Middlebury district office. He is seen by his public health colleagues, health care

Zika Resources: International Sources

Zika International Resources and Information

Environmental Health

Environmental Health ASTHO’s Environmental Health Program helps state and territorial public health agencies build their capacity to respond to environmental public health challenges. ASTHO provides resources for these agencies on emerging environmental health issues and influences discussions and poli