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Climate Change Partners

A comprehensive list of ASTHO's partners on climate change

Climate Change Capacity Building Grants

ASTHO, in conjunction with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/National Center for Environmental Health, funds and supports demonstration projects that establish coordinating opportunities for climate change at state and territorial health agencies (S/THAs).

Climate Change

Many state and territorial health departments are already working to combat the health impacts of climate change such as extreme heat, changes in vector-borne disease patterns, and transmission of waterborne diseases. ASTHO is helping its members prepare for climate change in the same way they prepare for natural disasters, extreme weather, and bioterrorism.

Development of Environmental Health Indicators of Climate Change

Presentation on Public Health and Climate Change by NH

Climate Change

Smart Growth principles help states and municipalities retrofit their environment in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way which will help communities mitigate and adapt to potential public health problems that will arise from climate change. Additionally, implementing smart growth principles would help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, one of the primary greenhouse gases thought to be responsible for global climate change, by creating safe and accessible walkways, bike paths, and public transportation. 

Climate Change and Heat Stress

Dr. George Luber (Acting Associate Director for Global Climate Change, CDC's National Center for Environmental Health) and Dr. Mike McGeehin (Director, CDC's Division of Environmental Hazards and Health Effects, CDC's National Center for Environmental Health) discussed this important public health topic.

Climate Change and Vector-Borne Diseases

Climate Change and Vector-Borne/ Zoonotic Diseases

Climate Change PowerPoint

Climate change: past and future Most respondents did not think that climate change had already affected health in their state or territories… …but most believed that climate change would make several problems more common or severe Issues Likely Becoming More Commons or Severe Issue Area % Quantity of water issues (e.g.

Climate Change and Water1

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