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Climate Change

Climate Change Collaborative

The ASTHO Climate Change Collaborative (CCC) is comprised of representatives from varied disciplines and plays a role in improving the ability of state and territorial health agencies (STHAs) to prepare for, mitigate and react to the effects of climate c hange. The CCC s mission is to support and build the capacity

ASTHO's Climate Change Needs Assessment Surveys

Climate change - bird and smokestack

Climate Change

Smart Growth principles help states and municipalities retrofit their environment in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way which will help communities mitigate and adapt to potential public health problems that will arise from climate change. Additionally, implementing smart growth principles would help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, one of the primary greenhouse gases thought to be responsible for global climate change, by creating safe and accessible walkways, bike paths, and public transportation. 

Climate Change Collaborative 2011 In-Person Meeting

2012 Climate Change Grantees

Position Statement on Climate Change and Public Health

ASTHO supports the widespread scientific consensus that the world’s climate is changing, and that climate change has significant impact on human health. ...

Introduction to the Climate Change Collaborative

Climate Change Collaborative Mission Support and build the capacity of state and territorial health agencies (STHAs) to tackle the public health challenges presented by climate change. Members Multi-disciplinary team of 22 experts from 18 different organizations Activities Work on three fronts: Model State Health A

State Climate Change Legislation

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