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Senate Labor-HHS Appropriations Subcommittee Approves FY 2014 Bill

July 9, 2013

The Senate Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee has approved its FY 2014 appropriations bill. Overall, CDC is proposed to be funded at $7.023 billion. This is an increase of $467 million over the FY 2013 enacted level and $378 million over the president's FY 2014 request. As in FY 13 and the president's FY 14 request, the FY 14 Senate appropriation for CDC includes a $1 billion allocation in Prevention and Public Health Fund dollars across various public health programs.

While we are still gathering information, successes we have already seen include the restoration of the Prevent Block Grant at $79.4 million (equaling the FY 13 final allocation before sequestration, and fully restoring the program elimination proposed by the president). Additionally, we were successful in getting $579.5 million for the Section 317 immunization program. This is an increase of $51.1 million over the FY 2013 final allocation. To soften the impact of the recent Coordinated Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Program FOA, the bill adds $18 million to School Health and Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity, which according to appropriations staff would restore an average of $440,000 to states that lost funding in the current allocation for FY 13.

We should have more information about this and other public health programs as we move closer to full Senate Appropriations Committee mark-up on Thursday. A summary chart from the subcommittee includes a sampling of programs funded under the entire Labor-HHS bill but does not include total funding levels for all programs.

Subcommittee Chairman Tom Harkin (D-IA) said that, after the full committee marks up this Thursday, he intends to bring the spending bill to the Senate floor later this summer. It is still uncertain if this will actually happen, and if it does, if the bill would clear the Senate. The House has not produced a Labor-HHS appropriations bill and has not indicated when or if it will do so. So far, however, we can claim a victory for what we have seen in the Senate bill.

ASTHO Government Relations staff will continue to monitor developments.