Letters to Congress and the Administration


ASTHO Executive Director Applauds Senator Harkin

May 20, 2013

On Monday, May 20th ASTHO Executive Director Paul Jarris sent a letter to Senator Harkin, Chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, HHS and Education, commending him on his tireless efforts to preserve and protect the Prevention and Public Health Fund (the Fund).  The Fund is intended to advance innovative approaches and to improve the health of our nation, which can only be accomplished by Public Health. With half of the Fund being allocated to new CMS activities, many critical ongoing public health efforts will be dramatically reduced and scaled back.

The letter points out that investing in public health and access to quality health care is essential to our ability to reduce disease, disability, and ultimately the health of millions of Americans.  Dr. Jarris notes that Senator Harkin’s efforts in fighting against the elimination and relocation of the Prevention and Public Health Fund have not gone unnoticed