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Federal Government Relations

ASTHO’s Federal Government Relations team advocates on behalf of state public health before the U.S. Congress and the administration to inform federal policy to achieve better health outcomes. We provide congressional leaders with key information regarding public health activities in their state/district, support members’ advocacy efforts, federal testimony and participation in congressional briefings, and educate members and state health agency staff on key budget and public health policy.

What's New

ASTHO Op-Ed in The Hill Congressional Newspaper: "Repeal and replace vs. the public’s health" from Executive Director Michael Fraser
January 2017
"As efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) begin, the debate continues on what will happen to the millions of Americans who are currently receiving coverage and what it will mean for their health. But that’s only half the debate. Few are talking about another extremely important part of the ACA, the Prevention and Public Health Fund, which provides major investments in prevention and public health programs that significantly contribute to better health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs."

ASTHO Sends Letter to Congress on Protecting Public Health
January 2017
ASTHO urges continued support for public health programs currently funded through the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Prevention and Public Health Fund.

ASTHO Has Developed State Public Health Briefing Papers for the Transition to a New Presidential Administration
Fall 2016
With guidance from the ASTHO Government Relations and Executive Committees, ASTHO compiled five briefing papers that aim to educate the presidential candidates' teams on the importance of state governmental public health, as well as provide direction for the next administration. The documents also provide guidance on essential public health programs and new initiatives.

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