Infectious Disease

Public Health and Primary Care Integration: Infectious Disease

The current economic climate and changing health care landscape are challenging state health officials to make difficult decisions about how to maximize limited program resources and articulate the unique role of public health. State health officials may consider ways to integrate infectious disease programs in their departments and to develop partnerships with provider groups.

Infectious Disease Resources

Preventing Infectious Diseases through Healthcare
ASTHO is working with its members and partners to examine how the healthcare system, evolving under health reform implementation, will influence the role of state health department infectious disease programs. This document represents a summary of collective thinking, a roadmap for moving forward, and an effort to complement work being done by CDC to develop a framework at the federal level.

Infectious Disease Integration of Public Health and Primary Care
ASTHO convened state health agency leadership to examine examples of integration between public health infectious disease programs and primary care, analyze key components that led to success, and use these examples to further define the unique role of public health in improving population health. This meeting report provides considerations for moving forward along the continuum of integration. It also highlights two promising channels for integration—workplaces and schools—and examples depicting integration successes.

Integration of Public Health and Primary Care: A practical look at using integration to better prevent and treat sexually transmitted diseases
This report examines the current status of integration of services provided for STDs by public health and community health centers and how transitioning to a more integrated model can be successful. Results of a literature review, interviews, and an in-person meeting are presented to identify the challenges, opportunities, successes, and lessons learned and determine what would help future integration efforts.

Integrating Immunizations in Healthcare Settings
ASTHO convened a meeting with the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) to explore examples of successful public health and primary care integration efforts in the transforming U.S. health system. This report examines key points for consideration as public health engages in conversation with healthcare entities, using vaccine administration in obstetric practices as a model.

Infectious Disease Strategic Thinking Summit Report
ASTHO convened state health agency leadership to discuss policy issues related to HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, STDs, and TB. The goal of the meeting was to identify strategies for ASTHO and SHOs to effectively address these infectious diseases.

Additional Resources

Primary Care and Public Health Integration

Public Health and School Nursing: Collaborating to Promote Health

Public Health and Primary Care Integration: Immunization

A strong public health and primary care partnership is vital to achieving national immunization coverage targets and low incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases. Primary care and public health professionals work together to ensure quality immunization services, coordinate outbreak response, disseminate vaccine communications, improve access to care, ensure evidence-based practice, and assess vaccine effectiveness and safety.