Health Equity

Health Equity

  • Health inequities exist among groups based on gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, education, income, disability, and geographic location. ASTHO's health equity strategic plan's central challenge is to mobilize leadership to achieve health equity. Its four objectives are:

    • Foster societal understanding and the will to achieve health equity.
    • Leverage and engage broad public/private partners in health equity solutions.
    • Leverage existing and new funding for health equity.
    • Strengthen organizational effectiveness in support of health equity.

    A crosscutting strategy addresses the root causes of health inequities as well as measurement and evaluation.

    Health Equity Strategic Map

  • Resources and Case Studies

    ASTHO provides information and resources to state health officials on health equity and health disparities issues, including resources on the economic case for health equity, health equity case studies, maternal and infant disparities, and state stories. Read more »

  • Health Equity Reports by State and Territory

    This page showcases a variety of selected state-produced health equity reports. Read more »

  • Tribal Health Resources

    This page highlights ASTHO’s work with tribal leaders and includes primers on tribal and state public health. Read more »

  • Affiliate Health Equity Subcommittee Resources

    The Affiliate Health Equity Subcommittee is chaired by the Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors and supported by ASTHO staff. Read more »

  • Health Equity/Minority Health Survey

    ASTHO collected data on state minority health and health disparities programs and documented the variations in infrastructure, capacity, history, goals, major activities (including programs and populations served). Read more »

  • President’s Challenge on Health Equity

    John Auerbach, previous Commissioner of Health from Massachusetts, and past president of ASTHO, called on states to improve health equity in 2010—2011. See all archived pages from the Health Equity President’s Challenge here. Read more »