What's Your ROI? A Web-based Tool to Estimate Economic Returns on Investments for Public Health Agency Projects

ASTHO, through a cooperative agreement with CDC’s Office for State, Tribal, Local, and Territorial Support, developed a web-based tool to calculate the return on investment (ROI) associated with public health agency program or business improvements. The tool can be used:

  • Prospectively as a decision-making tool for new projects or initiatives
  • During quality improvement (QI) implementation to track ROI
  • Retrospectively to show economic returns of investments already made

The tool was developed by American Technology Services with expertise and input by leading public health economist, Glen Mays, PhD, MPH, at the University of Kentucky College of Public Health. The web-based tool utilizes an existing Excel-based tool developed in 2012 for ASTHO, and provides a user-friendly interface, allowing users to create secure accounts and create and save multiple projects.

Access the Tool

Visit roi.astho.org* to access the ASTHO ROI tool for public health agencies.

*If you haven't logged in previously, you'll need to click "Sign up" to create a username account

Instructions and Tutorials

Please refer to the detailed instructional guide to assist in using the tool.

This overview information is also presented as a one-pager document for easy access and to share with colleagues at your health department who would assist in completing this assessment.

You can also watch this ROI tool tutorial video for a walkthrough from ASTHO staff.

And a tutorial called Using ROI Analysis to Inform QI and Decision Making presented by ASTHO's Karl Ensign and Utah Department of Health's local health department liaison Edwin Espinel.


For more information, contact Karl Ensign, chief, performance improvement, research and evaluation at ASTHO.

Phone: (571) 527-3143
Email: kensign@astho.org