Tracking Environmental Health Hazards


ASTHO Launches First of a Kind Phase II Grants Program for Tracking

  • ASTHO is pleased to announce the official launch of its Phase II Capacity Building Grants Program for Environmental Public Health Tracking in February 2012.

    Phase II, made possible by the CDC National Center for Environmental Health, is a first-of-its-kind program designed to further build capacity of past participants in ASTHO's Environmental Public Health Tracking: Peer-to-Peer Fellowship Program. Recipients of this new award used funds to develop environmental public health tracking demonstration projects in their state or locale.

    Meet the 2012 Phase II Grantees:

    • Cincinnati Health Department - Implemented a portal development project to enrich current portal with birth defects data, in addition to population and mortality datasets. Read phase II report.
    • District of Columbia Department of Health - Engaged in a collaborative partnership with the Maryland Tracking Program to develop a DC demonstration portal as well as become part of a mid-Atlantic regional network that would track hazards, exposure, and health information across borders. Read phase II report and summary of general trends.
    • Kentucky Department for Public Health - Conducted a data linkage pilot project to examine the association between flood events and the incidence of hospitalization for asthma in Kentucky. Read phase II preliminary report.

    To learn more about the program, please read the Phase II Grants Program announcement.

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