Built and Synthetic Environment

Healthy Communities

  • ASTHO supports state health agency efforts to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with built environment health threats in the U.S. through the development of healthy communities and homes.

  • Healthy Housing

    CDC Healthy Homes
    CDC's Healthy Homes program is a comprehensive approach to preventing diseases and injuries that result from housing-related hazards and deficiencies.

    National Center for Healthy Housing
    The National Center for Healthy Housing conducts research to find scientifically valid and practical strategies for making homes safe and healthy.

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  • Indoor Environmental Quality

    State Stories: Medicaid Reimbursement for Childhood Lead Poisoning Services

    While many states struggle to find funding for childhood blood lead testing and follow up, Texas DSHS and Georgia DOH have secured Medicaid reimbursement funding to support their programs. These funds have been used to support staff collecting, analyzing and reporting childhood blood lead data, providing information to parents and health care providers, conducting environmental lead inspections, and conducting lead inspections. This document describes these two promising state strategies.

  • Smart Growth

    Smart Growth Resources Page

    This is a compilation of resources to help public health professionals, as well as professionals in other sectors, integrate public health in land use and planning decisions.