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About Pandemic Influenza

An influenza pandemic occurs when a novel influenza virus causes a worldwide outbreak of disease with a very high attack rate. ASTHO strives to improve pandemic preparedness among its members and to create a strong public health system that can respond to a pandemic. As part of that effort, ASTHO works with public health agencies to highlight the successes in responding to and preventing seasonal influenza, shares strategies across jurisdictions, and increases coordination and collaboration between public health, pharmacies, and diverse health care provider organizations.

At-Risk Populations 

At-Risk Populations Project 

Some individuals are at increased risk of suffering severe consequences during an influenza pandemic and may need special assistance to maintain basic medical care, as well as access to food and shelter. This project developed guidance for state, territorial, tribal and local health departments on planning for at-risk populations and pandemic influenza.

Antiviral Distribution

Antiviral Distribution Project  

In partnership with the CDC and NACCHO, ASTHO is exploring alternative approaches to antiviral management and distribution during a public health emergency. This project will examine the system and approaches used for antiviral management and distribution during H1N1, identify lessons learned, and explore options for improvements for distribution, dispensing, and tracking of antivirals. The goal of this year long project is to improve the availability of antivirals (and potentially other countermeasures) for timely dispensing during a public health emergency. 

ASTHO Report on Policy Barriers in the H1N1 Pandemic

H1N1 Barriers Project Report 

Appendix 1: Advisory Panel Agenda/List 

Appendix 2:  State Meetings Summary Report 

Appendix 3: Survey Summary Report

Appendix 4: Environmental Scan Report

Collaborations and Partnerships

Findings from an Evaluation of Public Health and Workplace Collaborations During the 2009-10 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic (pdf)

Evaluation of Pharmacy Participation in the H1N1 Vaccination Campaign: Pharmacies and Public Health Summaries (pdf)

Operational Framework for Partnering with Pharmacies for Administration of 2009 H1N1 Vaccine (pdf)


ASTHO Privacy & Pandemic Flu Issue Brief (2007)