Maternal and Child Health

Recent Webinars on Key Topics

Recordings, slides, and supporting resources from past ASTHO webinars about maternal and child health topics.

Improving Early Childhood Developmental Outcomes Through Home Visiting

Improving Early Childhood Developmental Outcomes Through Home Visiting Thumbnail

This webinar explores the impact of home visiting on early childhood developmental outcomes. It features three presentations from federal, state, and program-level perspectives. [slide deck]

Reducing the Obstacles Family Engagement in Shaping Health Insurance Policy and Program

This webinar provides an overview of state efforts to engage families in decisions affecting health insurance policies and programs, highlights successful policy changes resulting from family engagement, and discusses tools and resources available to help states engage families.

Working Across Sectors to Reduce Maternal Mortality

This webinar highlights state and national efforts to work across sectors to reduce maternal mortality, including the value and impact of maternal mortality reviews, data tools and outcomes, the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health, and technical support and resources available to states.

The Role of State Public Health Agencies in Improving Assisted Reproductive Technology

Nearly half of infants born via assisted reproductive technology (ART) (45.6%) were born in multiple-birth deliveries, compared to just 3.4 percent of all infants. Multiple-gestation pregnancies increase risk for poor birth outcomes including babies who are premature birth and low birth weight. The webinar covers: monitoring and studying maternal and infant health outcomes related to ART, understanding the public health department’s role in leading improvements in ART practices, how state agencies are improving consumer and provider awareness of ART’s impact on twin births, and the importance of partnerships in reducing preterm birth through ART. [slide deck, presenter bios]

LARC: Partnering to Increase Access and Coverage for Teens and Postpartum Women

This webinar highlights state efforts in Colorado, South Carolina and Iowa to increase access to LARC devices and insertion for teens and postpartum women, the importance of partnership between Medicaid and public health agencies, and strategies for making the business case for LARC coverage [slide deck].


E-Cigarette Messages: Exploring Messages on E-Cigarettes Aimed at Women and Youth

This webinar, hosted by the ASTHO in collaboration with the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs (AMCHP), the National Association of County & City Health Officials (NACCHO), and the Children's Safety Network, explored messages that have been developed regarding the poisonous threat that e-cigarette liquids pose to young children and the negative effects that nicotine has on brain development in adolescents.

How State Health Agencies Can Support the Physical Activity Guidelines by Ensuring Accessibility within the Built Environment

This webinar provides an overview of intervention strategies that have been shown to be effective in the built environment from the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Midcourse Report and highlights how state health agencies in New Jersey and Montana have partnered to promote the implementation of policies and practices that ensure accessibility to increase physical activity in their communities.

Worksite Wellness in State Health Agencies: Healthy Maternity Policies

This webinar highlights successful strategies and best practices that have been implemented in the North Dakota and Nevada state health agencies to encourage breastfeeding and to help new parents return to work. In addition, Virginia describes how they work with businesses in their state to develop breastfeeding policies.