ASTHO Policy Committees

Access Policy Committee

Chair: Susan Moran (MI)  

Assesses policy and programmatic issues related to access to public health and health services, particularly for vulnerable and at-risk populations. The committee’s focus is clinical and public health integration and systems of care across all disease categories, with a specific emphasis on maternal and child health, health equity, the health professions workforce, and the public health infrastructure.

Public Health Informatics Policy Committee

Chair: Susan Mosier (KS)

Formerly named the eHealth Policy Committee, this committee provides state-based leadership and policy recommendations to strengthen the ability of ASTHO members and partners to use informatics in making key public health decisions.

Environmental Health Policy Committee

Chair: Larry Wolk (CO)

The Committee provides unique, state-based expertise and leadership for environmental health policy and practice. The Committee actively pursues strengthening the long eroded infrastructure and capacity of state and territorial health agency-based environmental health programs, targeting surveillance strategies and the workforce among other issues. Further, the Committee has taken the initiative to bolster policy and practice in areas that include climate change, the built environment and safe food and water.

Infectious Disease Policy Committee

Chair: Nate Smith (AR)

The Committee assesses policy and programmatic issues related to the state and territorial role in infectious disease prevention, surveillance and outbreak response. The Committee provides strategic direction on a range of infectious disease policy issues including biosurveillance; antimicrobial resistance; immunization access and financing; prevention, care and treatment of infectious diseases; healthcare-associated infections and patient safety; and pandemic preparedness.

Performance Policy Committee

Chair: LaQuandra S. Nesbitt (DC)

The Committee guides the work of two major program areas at ASTHO – Science and Strategy (the ASTHO Profile of State Public Health and other survey research activities, strategic planning, evaluation, and workforce development and research) and Performance Improvement (public health accreditation, performance management and quality improvement). The deliberations and recommendations of the Committee address national issues and assist members in overall state-wide performance improvement activities.

Public Health Preparedness Policy Committee

Chair: John Dreyzehner (TN)

The Committee provides a link between ASTHO’s members and the preparedness program area leaders within their agencies. The Committee analyzes preparedness information and public health infrastructure issues and recommends state-based public health policy in this regard. The Committee provides policy guidance to federal partners to support a prepared and sustainable public health system and assists federal partners in fulfilling the requirements of the Pandemic and All Hazards Preparedness Act and Homeland Security Presidential Directive 21.

Prevention Policy Committee

Chair: Rahul Gupta (WV)

The Committee provides policy direction for ASTHO on broad-based health promotion and prevention initiatives. This includes oversight for the Chronic Disease Prevention, Tobacco Prevention and Control, and Injury Prevention cooperative agreements with the CDC. The Committee also has responsibility for nutrition, physical activity, injury, chronic disease risk reduction, and social environments that promote health.