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Council for Outbreak Response: Healthcare-Associated Infections & Antibiotic-Resistant Pathogens (CORHA)


To improve practices and policies at the local, state and national levels for detection, investigation, control and prevention of healthcare-associated infection/antibiotic resistant (HAI/AR) outbreaks across the healthcare continuum, including emerging infections and other risks with potential for healthcare transmission.


Public health and healthcare collaborating effectively to protect patients and prevent harms from HAI/AR outbreaks.

CORHA Resources

CORHA 1-pager

An overview of the Council's mission, vision, membership, and next steps.

CORHA Strategic Map: 2016-2018

The strategic map outlines CORHA's central challenge, strategic priorities, and strategic objectives.


Governance Committee

Gerd W. Clabaugh (Co-chair, ASTHO representative)

Marion Kainer (Co-chair, CSTE representative)

Joe Perz (CDC representative)

Dawn Terashita (NACCHO representative)

Council Members

Wendy Bamberg (CSTE representative)

Erin Epson (CSTE representative)

Linda Greene (APIC representative)

Waleed Javaid (SHEA representative) 

Julia Marders (FDA)

Patricia Meier (CMS)

Joseph K. Miner (ASTHO representative)

Elizabeth Mothershed (CDC representative)

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