Tracking Environmental Health Hazards

Nonfunded State Participation in the CDC Tracking Network

In the fellowship years 2014 and 2015, ASTHO’s tracking fellowships focused specifically on supporting the active participation of nonfunded states to acquire and submit hospitalization data for display on the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network (Tracking Network). Participating states worked in two phases (Phases I and II) to acquire and submit hospital discharge and emergency department (ED) visits data to the Tracking Network related to the health outcomes: asthma, carbon monoxide poisoning, heart attacks, and heat stress illnesses.

The CDC Tracking Network has been using hospital discharge and ED data as a source to track health conditions. As of date, 25 states and NYC are funded by the CDC Tracking Program to feed data into the Tracking Network. Participation of additional states will provide the Tracking Network with essential and more comprehensive information to identify national trends in inpatient hospital visits and health effects with possible environmental etiology. The reports listed below summarize the work and successes of the nonfunded states supported through this initiative.

*Note: Phase I refers to data acquisition and formatting. Phase II refers to data upload and submission.

Fellowship Year 2015 Reports

Alaska: Phase I

Arizona: Phase I, Phase II

Rhode Island: Phase I, Phase II

Virginia: Phase I

Fellowship Year 2014 Reports

Arizona Department of Health Services: Phase I, Phase II  

Kentucky Department for Public Health: Phase I, Phase II

North Carolina Division of Public Health: Phase I, Phase II

Tennessee Department of Health: Phase I, Phase II