Presidents Challenge

ASTHO Presidential Challenge

November 2009: Translating Injury Prevention Data Into Policy

Over the next twelve months as we move forward toward implementing the Presidential Challenge we will highlight a monthly focus area. In addition, we will include links to various partners, academic injury research centers and other relevant information.

This month ASTHO's focus area is "Translating Injury Prevention Data Into Policy."

Presentation of the month: ASTHO's Vision: Health People Thriving in a Nation Free of Preventable Illness and Injury

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Publication of the month: Using Research in Public Health Policy Making (Council of State Governments)

Important historical publications:

What We're Doing: Highlights from ASTHO and America's Public Health Leaders

ASTHO Injury and Violence Prevention Team (link)
ASTHO, under the leadership of our incoming president Dr. Paul Halverson, is elevating the importance of injury prevention and control. Our Injury and Violence Prevention Team is supporting this month's theme by distilling the wealth of public health research and scholarship into useful tools for members on the ground to effect positive change in their states. This year-long web effort is just one example.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
ASTHO is partnering with the CDC on the Presidential Challenge. CDC/NCIPC will be providing technical support throughout the upcoming year for ASTHO members.


  • Working the Legislature (Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research)
    How researchers can actively work with policymakers to pass legislation for preventing and controlling injury.

More Resources

Ten Leading Causes of Death

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ASTHO Affiliates and Partners

ASTHO is supported by a network of 20 Affiliated Organizations representing an array of state public health agency leaders. While each Affiliate represents a different executive leader within the state and territorial health agencies, all share a common mission to promote and protect the public’s health and prevent illness and injury.

Some of our affiliates include those below (more logos are forthcoming):


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Every month we will assemble a kit of resources for State and Territorial Health Officials only. You must be logged in to our secure site to download the kit.

  • November 2009 SHO Kit: Translating Injury Prevention Data Into Policy (coming soon)

Next Month's Focus Area: Motor Vehicle Safety

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Did you know that injuries and deaths from motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for people ages 1-34 years? Learn all about it next month.