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  • CDC probing reports of paralysis in 9 Colorado children, including some with Enterovirus 68

    Colorado health officials say nine children were identified between Aug. 8 and Sept. 17 after they developed neurological symptoms that are not commonly associated with Enterovirus 68, which causes severe breathing problems particularly in children with pre-existing asthma or respiratory problems.

  • Doctor exposed to Ebola virus is admitted to NIH hospital

    An American doctor who was exposed to the Ebola virus while volunteering in Sierra Leone was admitted Sunday to a hospital at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Md.

  • Walking is the superfood of fitness, experts say

    Walking may never become as trendy as CrossFit, as sexy as mud runs or as ego-boosting as Ironman races but for fitness experts who stress daily movement over workouts and an active lifestyle over weekends of warrior games, walking is a super star.

  • The New Smoke: Dire Warnings by Big Tobacco on E-Smoking

    The tobacco industry’s giants are putting health warnings on e-cigarettes that outstrip both those on traditional cigarettes and those on e-cigarettes made by smaller competitors, leaving public health officials skeptical about the companies’ intent.

  • Pediatricians Endorse IUDs, Implants for Teen Birth Control

    Long-acting contraceptive devices should be the first choice of birth control for teenage girls, new recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics state.

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