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  • Antibiotic resistance could be 'next pandemic,' CDC says

    Antibiotic resistance that turns ordinary disease-causing bacteria into illnesses that can't be controlled could bring about the "next pandemic," CDC Director Tom Frieden warned at a National Press Club event Tuesday.

  • U.N. warns of polio risk in war zones

    The United Nations expressed concern about the possible spread of polio in the war-ravaged countries of Syria and Iraq and beyond on Tuesday.

  • CDC says to announce safety advisory panel by end of week

    CDC will announce its safety advisory panel later this week following breaches in its handling of anthrax and a deadly form of bird flu in recent weeks, the director of the agency said on Tuesday.

  • Many kids who are obese or overweight don't know it

    A significant percentage of obese kids think their weight is just fine. But do they need to know the truth to get healthier?

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