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  • Spain: Ebola test drug out of supply worldwide

    Doctors treating a Spanish priest who was repatriated from West Africa on Monday after being diagnosed with the Ebola virus said there were no samples of experimental drug ZMapp available in the world right now, and they were considering alternative treatments.

  • White House announces national strategy for combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria

    One year ago, CDC issued a landmark report sounding the alarm on the top drug-resistant threats to human health. The announcement this morning of the President’s Executive Order and the National Strategy to Combat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria marks the administration’s response to one of the most urgent health threats facing us today--antibiotic resistance.

  • WHO experts advise against travel or trade bans on Ebola-hit Africa

    Independent health advisers to the World Health Organization (WHO) have assessed that there should be no general ban on travel or trade with countries reeling from an Ebola epidemic in West Africa, the U.N. agency said on Monday.

  • New study finds 34 percent of severely injured patients undertriaged in the United States

    According to the American College of Surgeons' Committee on Trauma, patients with severe injuries should be treated at level I or level II trauma centers. Those centers have the resources to provide the best care for those patients. But one out of three major trauma patients in 2010 actually received their treatment at lower-level trauma centers or nontrauma centers, according to a new study.

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