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  • Three States Sue 5-Hour Energy Makers For ‘Deceptive’ Advertising

    Oregon, Washington and Vermont have filed lawsuits against the makers of the energy drink 5-Hour Energy for making “deceptive” marketing claims. More states are expected to follow.

  • States Experiment With Health Savings Accounts For Medicaid

    People who contribute up to $25 a month would be exempt from cost-sharing requirements. But some consumer advocates say the health savings accounts add a needless layer of complexity to Medicaid.

  • The Immigrant Kids Have Health Issues — But Not The Ones You'd Think

    Politicians charge that the nearly 60,000 unaccompanied minors who've come to the U.S. could put the nation at risk for everything from TB to mumps. Health officials tell a different story.

  • HIV diagnosis rate fell by third in US over decade

    The rate of HIV infections diagnosed in the United States each year fell by one-third over the past decade, a government study finds. Experts celebrated it as hopeful news that the AIDS epidemic may be slowing in the U.S....

  • The Alternative Payment Methodology In Oregon Community Health Centers: Empowering New Ways Of Providing Care

    The Alternative Payment Methodology (APM) demonstration project enables participating Oregon community health centers to receive a monthly payment based on the size and composition of their patient population. This payment replaces the model of earning revenue based on the number of individual patients seen, shifting the paradigm from the number of doctor visits to the provision of high-quality, team-based, patient-centered care.

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